Festivals and Events in North Yorkshire

Don’t miss out on any events or activities in North Yorkshire while travelling through or spending a couple of days in the county. Here are some great festivals and events to get into in the area.

Morpeth Vegan Christmas Market

This Christmas Market is an all-vegan affair in Morpeth. The event is hosted by Farplace Animal Rescue. This is an annual event that is normally held in December.

The event is held with the intention of raising money for Farplace Animal Rescue. Visitors will find stalls featuring arts, crafts, food, drinks, soaps, and of course Christmas gifts. Proceeds will go to Farplace Animal Rescue and to local businesses in the community. Send in an email to event organisers to volunteer on the day or help with promotion.

The Deer Shed Festival

This festival is a weekend affair for celebrating music, theatre, comedy, sport, and science. It is located in a scenic setting of North Yorkshire’s parkland. The event is hosted annually and has different themes every year. Make sure to get tickets in advance.

North Yorkshire Music Festival

People from all walks of life can enjoy live performances here. The first day of the event kicks off with classics followed by a mix of various genres that all festivalgoers can enjoy.

Audiences can dance the weekend away and camp under the stars if they wish to. There is also a long list of other attractions in addition to delicious food stalls to keep everyone fun-fuelled throughout the event!

The perfect way to connect with a community is by participating in cultural events and festivals hosted in the county. This will make a good impression on citizens of the county. Joining in the festivities may even make it easier to strike up a conversation with a local.

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