Abbots Thorn, A Country B&B

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house+roses.jpg (57731 bytes)

Roses in bloom

houseinsnowges.jpg (124639 bytes)

A sprinkling of snow

house.jpg (107846 bytes)

Lilac in bloom


Honeysuckle, twin or super king en-suite


Jasmine, double,
private bathroom


Lilac, spacious double

En-suite Bathroom

En-suite bathroom

En-suite Bathroom

En-suite bathroom


Private bathroom

lounge.jpg (33460 bytes)

Oak-beamed lounge

viewdownvillage.jpg (34589 bytes)

View eastwards

dining.jpg (161352 bytes)

Edwardian dining room

constable.jpg (109247 bytes)

Constable Burton Hall Gardens

coverdalesnow.jpg (33397 bytes)

Well covered!

vieweast.jpg (74608 bytes)

View eastwards

sunrise1.JPG (85504 bytes)

Winter sunrise 1

sunrise2.JPG (106278 bytes)

Winter sunrise 2

sunrise3.JPG (72230 bytes)

Winter sunrise 3

viewsouth.jpg (38944 bytes)

View south
Roover Crag

sheep1.JPG (97379 bytes)

Meet the neighbours!

penhill.jpg (85967 bytes)

Pen Hill

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall